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Peaceful Warrior

Peaceful Warrior

“Yoga is like life. Each circumstance in which we find ourselves is like a pose. Some poses are hard to hold, others are pleasant. It is how we hold the pose that determines whether or not we will suffer or grow, and whether or not we will listen to the drama of the ego or the wisdom of the spirit.” -inspired by ‘Yoga and the Path of The Urban Mystic’

This past week I used this quote within my classes. I wanted you all to be able to access these words and those which you ask for at one easy location, right here! So, starting NOW, this blog will also function as a place where you can always come, week after week, to read the ideas and quotes I have used!

ALSO, I have decided to add to this blog a Q+A category! I will occasionally be answering questions with definite answers I know, contemplating questions asked that I don’t know, and opening up this dialogue with YOU! I hope for this to become a forum for us all to explore, learn, grow, and be able to have an online community to connect, question, answer, share…..and give EVERYONE a VOICE! Yea, that means you too!

Questions can be on any topic related to the integrity of living life wholeheartedly! Wonder how to do a Yoga pose? What is Life Coaching? Reiki? What makes your heart sing? What is Thai Yoga Bodywork? What book did you read recently that you absolutely think the whole world should read? What’s your favorite quote? How can I talk to the family member whom I fear? Can a broken heart heal? I think you are getting the idea……

See you on the keyboard!

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